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JBL Flip Vs Beats Pill

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Which should you buy specs: bluetooth speakers

jbl flip vs beats pill comparison review
The Beats Pill’s “tap to sync” function is efficient, but it only works with NFC capable devices; the Iphone is not one of these while most newer androids are. This comes down to a $100 markup for the ability to sync two Beats Pills together. If that’s not for you, the JBL Flip is the better buy.


JBL Flip Amazon Review
I wanted a bluetooth speaker to synch with my Samsung Galaxy and from the reviews, narrowed it to the JBL Flip and the Soundfreaq Sound Kick. The speaker is meant to sit on the kitchen counter and fill up a great room of about 1000 sq ft so portability was not strictly a consideration, but I didn’t want anything that would take up too much space.

To cut to the chase, although the Flip did sound very good, I decided to keep the Sound Kick. I was initially biased toward Flip due to brand recognition and I don’t like the name Sound Kick, but that’s just marketing. Sound: As I said, both speakers sounded very good, but the Sound Kick had deeper bass response and more spacial separation possibly due to it’s slightly larger size.

Both got very loud with amazingly low distortion for speakers this size. Size: The Flip is definitely geared toward portability and it comes with nice zippered case. The Sound Kick is maybe twice the Flip’s size and is very rectangular, which might make it a bit harder to fit into an overnight bag. Operation: Both speakers synched easily. The Flip has very minimal controls and is meant to be controlled via the media source.

The Sound Kick has volume and navigation buttons, which makes it easier to adjust playback. Otherwise, with the Flip, I would have to “wake up” my phone and navigate to the music player to change songs or volume. One thing about the Sound Kick is that the power button has a click, but the other buttons are simply touch sensitive in that they don’t depress or click. They are kind of twitchy and it takes some getting used to.

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Beats Pill Amazon Review
It has a lot of the same functions as other speakers in it’s category (Jambox, Solemate, etc), but it has a number of things that set it apart from the others. First is NFC – I you aren’t familiar, NFC allows you to simply tap your phone on the speaker and it will automatically pair it via bluetooth. No messing with bluetooth menu settings… It’s great! However, you need an NFC capable phone to make this happen. Most newer android phones have it, but if you’re an iPhone user, this feature won’t help you.

Pass-through Audio – This has both in AND OUT jacks. So, even if you don’t pair via NFC/Bluetooth, you can still hook up your computer or other audio sources via cable. MOREOVER, you can use the audio out to make ANY device a bluetooth and/or NFC capable sound device. You could leave it plugged in to your home stereo system and stream music from your phone, if you wanted. HUGE feature (actually why I got this over others). Speaker phone capability – Some competitors have this, some don’t. But, what they all don’t have is the easy functionality of the pill.

If you’re listening to music and get a call, it gives you the option to answer it with your pill. You just tap the ‘b’ button on the front the answer. If you get another call while already in a call, you can tap and hold to ignore, or tap quickly to switch to the new call. You can switch back and forth between the calls with another button tap, and you can hang up with a sustained press (versus a tap).

If you want to switch back to your phone at any time, you just double tap the button. Everything is handled with the same button. It’s super simple and feels very natural.

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